Monday, December 27, 2010

My Very Own OT Student Blog!

I have decided to start my very own OT student blog to attempt to follow in my blog hero, Karen Dobyns, footsteps.  Her blog helped me realize that OT school was right for me so maybe one day my blog will do the same for someone else.  I highly doubt that I will be as successful as she was; her student blog was amazing!  It was filled with frequent, descriptive post detailing what OT student life is all about.  But even if I am not so frequent and detailed, I am at least going to try! 
I am starting OT school in two weeks and I am trying to prepare myself for it.  This year has been filled with many unexpected changes for me.  I left my cozy job at a hospital that I had worked at for my entire college career last February and had to find other ways to make money.  Since then I have been a nanny four times over, a swim school instructor, and a personal care attendant to a quadriplegic.  I really believe things happen for a reason and I think each of these experiences has helped me prepare for the journey I am about to begin starting school.  I also graduated college, moved away from home for the first time (Yes, I lived at home all through college and it was awesome), and my boyfriend and I recently adopted a baby puppy.  After all these major and minor life changes I am still anxiously awaiting the biggest one… actually starting OT school.  I am definitely ready though.  I have had eight months off of school, two of which I have spent living in my new house in a new city, and I am refreshed and ready to go!  Right now all there is to do is make sure all my loose ends are tied up before school starts.  There was a problem with my TB test expiring right before school starts so I have to get that taken care of, I have to make sure all my financial aid stuff is in order, and I need to e-mail the second year student I was assigned to so I can ask several questions I have after reading over all of the information sent to me.  The second year students made us a huge information packet and had the director of the program e-mailed it out to all the first year students which I thought was really neat since it can all be a little overwhelming at first.  We have two orientations before school starts so I should have more to write about then.  In the meantime, I may post some interesting OT-related things I have stumbled upon over the past year.  I think that is it for now…  I am a huge nerd and I absolutely love school so I cannot wait to start so I have more to share!