Monday, February 14, 2011


I had a wonderful suggestion to write a blog post on what it's like to learn about SCI's from a textbook vs what it is like to learn about them from an actual person with an SCI and I plan on doing it this week. As for now though I am kind of completely overwhelmed with school stuff and being sick. I got a terrible stomach virus this weekend and I actually had to miss class and a pre-school observation. I am so OCD and it literally almost killed me to miss that. We have lots going on in OT school right now... so much that for the first time I am starting to freak out a little. Maybe it's just my brain reactnig to all these meds but I can't seem to keep up this week and it's only Monday :)

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who are not too sick to enjoy it and are able to consume mass amounts of chocolate.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The best part of your first semester in OT school is… Physiology!

Physiology consumed my life last week… Literally. After finishing up my personal studying of the material over the weekend I spent Monday with another student studying, Tuesday with four other students reviewing practice questions, Thursday reviewing all my own material again and again, and Friday taking the test. But wait.. it’s not over. I spent today doing an OT essay about physiology and this week I have another one due to my actual physiology teacher all of which are part of exam grade. I normally do not do the group study thing, but in the spirit of embracing OT school I decided to branch out. In college I made myself a hermit and never studied with anyone. In fact, my studying habits were borderline OCD if not full blown.

Aside from physio, my week was pretty good. We are covering the framework in my concepts class, values in my interactive reasoning class, and motor development in my lifespan class. I am so thankful for my kinesiology background. When we go over things like motor learning, motor control, and motor development I already know so much from undergrad since we had to take a separate class on each in kinesiology. OT embraces all different majors like psychology, biology, and sociology and my class even has some philosophy and accounting majors in it. I love the diversity and that we can all draw on each other for different resources, but I am personally glad to have my kinesiology experience. My program offered many courses that are helpful for OT school. As I mentioned, we had to take classes like motor learning and motor control, we also had two different cadaver lab courses available and we had to take neuro as part of our curriculum. I am not discriminating against other majors, my point is that for anyone who may be wanting to go to OT school and has not yet decided what to major in undergrad a good choice, in my opinion, would be kinesiology.

In other news I am going to conference! Four other students in my class also decided to go so we all booked our flight and hotel last week! Yay!!!

This week is our first real OT assignment. We have to do a toy analysis and I am meeting with my partner tomorrow to work on ours. We were assigned a butterfly garden which I think it going to be pretty interesting!

I've been a very bad blogger

I forgot to post last week! I actually wrote a post not last Thursday, but the one before and never actually posted it. Here is the two weeks ago post...

Two very exciting things happened at school this week. First, the filming for the new Mark Wahlberg movie Contraband is happening right outside of our parking lot. I love Marky Mark so this excites me to no end. Sure, in a few weeks I will probably be sick to death of the road blocks and traffic, but for now I am excited to get to see a film crew on my way to and from school. There are cars flipped over and all these weird colored schools buses and yesterday I saw tons of men running around with duct tape all over their faces. I need to bring my camera and take pictures from the parking lot! Today one of my friends, who is also an OT student, was walking to her car and heard gun shots. Immediately she freaked out because we live in New Orleans which is kind of infamous for shootings (another OT student’s dorm room has a bullet hole in the window) She slightly forgot about the film crew and the e-mail we got but it was really funny after she realized what was going on.

I figured I would just go ahead and out myself now because shootings aside, I live in one of the most interesting and exciting cities in the US, so chances are I am going to have lots of post relating to the city since it is a huge part of my OT school experience.

The second exciting thing was our guest lectures in my Medical Conditions class. We had an MD and an OT come talk to us about traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) and spinal cord injuries (SCI’s) This topic is particularly interesting to me since I was able to work as a personal care attendant for a young guy with a SCI last fall. I really enjoyed the lecture, especially the OT part. It is interesting to hear doctor’s and therapist views of SCI and SCI patients after hearing LOTS of opinions from an actual person with an SCI. We also got to do a case study in a group project about a person with the same level SCI as the guy I worked for. It was both interesting and frustrating because a lot of the stuff I know doesn’t exactly jibe with text book examples of what things “should” be like… but that is another post entirely!