Sunday, May 29, 2011

GROSS Anatomy, Several Quotes, and a little Yogic Philosophy… Oh the Randomness of an OT Student

So one day I was sitting on my couch watching the 70th something episode of The Office and the next day (BAM!) I’m cutting open a human… Ok it didn’t actually happen like that, but I DID start anatomy last week and I HAVE been way too busy preparing for it to blog.

School started last Wednesday. This summer I am taking (you guessed it) Human Gross Anatomy as well as Applied Kinesiology. I actually wasn’t just sitting on my couch the day before it started either. I got my textbooks and supplies early like a good little nerd, read the first days reading assignments , looked up structures for the first dissection, and organized everything! This summer is going to be very short and very intense so I want to be prepared. We had our first lecture Wednesday and an intro lab with a video on how to dissect. Thursday we had lecture and our first lab which was a dissection of the back, and then our first kinesiology class. I am excited about dissection this summer. I took a prosection class (everything was already dissected and we learned the parts) as well as an actual dissection class in college. However, we only had 3 bodies, more people to a tank, and TA’s assisting in the dissection because we only had the lab available for 4 hours a week. We also had to skip the face and the perineum due to lack of time. In OT school dissection there are only 4 people to a tank (2 PT students and 2 OT students) and you get to dissect EVERYTHING! The lab is 3 hours 4 days a week and we have already been told we will need to schedule additional hours on our on just for dissection. That does not include the time we are going to spend in the lab looking at the other 18ish bodies which is absolutely necessary because every structure on every body looks so different. Needless to say quite a bit of my time this summer is going to be spent in the lab. We also have a lecture each day, so we will need to stay on top of studying lecture notes as well as studying for our other class and reading textbook material. I spent the weekend studying the first two huge lectures and the third one on the back. I am making note cards for each muscle as we go along learning their action, origin, insertion, and innervation. While I already have a set of these from undergrad, I am finding they were not nearly as detailed as this course requires so I am somewhat glad I didn’t study them over break. I also looked over everything from last lab and the one we are doing tomorrow (spinal cord)to make sure I am prepared. Lastly, I reviewed my kinesiology notes and skimmed the reading for our next class. I am determined to stay on top of things this semester and learn as much as I can! While I was doing an internship at a hospital during undergrad, and OT told me “Look, I don’t know the muscles in the hand, or all of the ones in the arm for that matter. I learned them for the test and forgot them. It’s not important for you to know them when you practice, you just have to know what to do.” Clearly I was outraged, so much so that I remembered exactly what she said to me because I replayed it in my mind over and over and over again. I can understand not knowing every detail… but not being able to answer what was surely a simply question from a third year undergrad student is ridiculous. I do not think she represented the profession very well and that experience, along with my general interest in anatomy of course, and my desire to one day be a good therapist is going to motivate me to do the best I can this summer even though it is going to be hard.

Towards the end of my break I started being a little more productive. I babysat, took my kiddos from BR that I love so much swimming, helped OT student E get a mattress into her on campus apartment, got help from OT student B cleaning my dirty, dirty car, starting taking spin classes (SO HARD), and went back to my favorite favorite favorite yoga studio in New Orleans. Every time I stay away I always wonder what the heck kept me from being there for so long. Money is the answer because there prices are standard ($15 a drop in or $12 for a class package) and I found a place that I do not nearly love as much for much cheaper ($6). I go to cheap places and community classes when I have to, but if I do not absolutely have to I will spend money going to great yoga classes. Yes it is very expensive, but it is my only “frivolous” expense and really it is such an investment in my health both mental and physical. I absolutely love it and the teachers there. It isn’t just a workout, but a total mind-body intervention that they inspire. I have been going to a class where teachers in training have been observing. While I was leaving last week a heard one say “It is incredibly humbling to watch people work so very hard. It’s almost as if you can see part of their soul.” And isn’t that the truth… Anything that requires such physical effort is also met by an equally strong mental challenge and when someone really lays it all out there and puts their everything into what they are doing you see more than the physical effort, more than mental challenge, you see the person they are, you see their strength, and in a way I do think that is like seeing someone’s soul. Not to get too much into yogic philosophy, but what she said really stuck with me and I couldn’t neglect the parallel between watching someone practice yoga and watching someone go through an OT intervention. I think it is important to remember and keep in perspective just how humbling that should be.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1 Semester down 6 to go…

I took my last final last Wednesday. Since then I have: watched 39 episodes of The Office in order from the first season, read the new Sookie Stackhouse novel, gone home to sit poolside for 3 days, tried real sushi for the first time, spent hours laying on my couch staring at my dog, and searched for a new house with a yard (which is quite a feat in New Orleans) for my crazy dog. I am so not used to being this unproductive. Another big change about OT school is no job. This is my first time since I was 16 years old to be without a job and a source of income. I always worked during college and even worked fulltime on breaks away from school, so having almost 3 weeks of freetime is going to be very very interesting. I am going to try and babysit as much as possible, but I only have one family I currently do occasional sitting for. I am finding the less I am responsible for, the less I actually do. You would think I would have cleaned my whole house, closet, and car which all need to be done and exercised a ton, but no… I have chosen to sit in a catatonic state for about a week. I like to think I am hibernating and saving my energy for the crazy summer semester, but at this point I think it is me just being plain lazy. I think I actually will start being productive today by going through the dozens of free clothes I was donated and cleaning out my closet. I LOVE getting peoples old clothes. It gives you a chance to experiment and wear things you would never buy for yourself. My dress inventory just went from 2 to like 7 or 8. I am excited!

I was slightly productive last Friday as well. I went to the OT student information session my school holds to help answer questions and give student input. I really enjoyed it because I remember being in those shoes last year and having so many questions with no one to answer them. OT changed my life in such a huge way, so I love love love to be a resource for prospective OT students (hence the blog). I’m also going to be productive over break by going through all my OT stuff from conference and maybe… just maybe… getting a head start on anatomy. Nothing too crazy because I’m sure I’ll have enough anatomy fun over the summer… but I think I may start reviewing my old muscle note cards with action, origin, insertion, and innervation. I planned to start a month ago and learn like 2 a day but that plan failed in a big way.