Sunday, November 13, 2011

Music Therapy – I love this!

Here is a blog post written by a second year OT student in my program, Tess. She was a music therapist prior to coming to OT school and I am sure she is going to find an awesome way to merge her practice of music therapy with occupational therapy once she gets out of school – I think this is so awesome!! I am more than slightly envious of her talent and experience as I desperately wish I was more musically inclined : )

Again you have to copy/paste to make this work as I am also not technologically inclined either

OT School Assignments Extraordinaire

This might be a little painful for me to re-live, but I think it is important, so I will try!

SWAMPED!!!! Would be the PG adjective that I feel most accurately describes my experience over the past month after coming back from fieldwork. I’ve had a few responses to recent posts including a question about just what exactly these assignments are that have been keeping me so busy for the past month, so I figured I would do a quick overview of everything that has been going on.

Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) Assignment

-for my measurement and eval class we had to administer the COPM during fieldwork and write what I believe ended up being around an 8 pager or so

-COPM is basically a tool used to evaluate occupational performance problem areas for the client, figure out which are the most important, and rate them on performance and satisfaction

Occupational Analysis Assignment (OA)

– another fieldwork assignment using framework and trusty Willard and Sparkman’s occupational analysis chart – another 8 -10 pager or so

-basically doing exactly what the assignment says, analyzing an occupation

-Side note on the OA – I chose toileting and when I told the kid I babysit that I wrote 10 pages about using the bathroom when she told me it was her turn to review my homework she almost died from hysterical laughter – she thinks I am in school for the weirdest things : )

Mental Health Assignment

-another fieldwork assignment that basically assess a client’s mental health – they fill out a form and you rate them on their global functioning according to a scale

Framework Assignment

-another fieldwork assignment where we used the framework to fill out everything we saw on fieldwork


-We partnered off and made our first splint which was a resting hand splint – will try to remember to post pic later

Standardized Assessment Assignments

-Class broke into groups of 3-4 and chose an assessment to do a lengthy 5-10 page handout on covering the basics of the test norms, reliability, validity, etc – there were about 25 things to be addressed in this overview

– I liked that we had to print out a copy for everyone in class so we now have lots of resources – I love resources

-Also did a PowerPoint presentation and had to present in class and administer the test – Mine was the MVPT-3

Adaptive Meal Prep

-Class broke into groups and groups were divided into clients and therapists

-Clients (I was a client – see post about The Office and OT – I was Phyllis) had to write a client description and act in character during the meal prep – I had a right CVA with left neglect and I gave myself a variety of other co-morbid problems such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. I also gave her sensory loss and additional motor and vision problems.

-Therapists had the hard part (we switch next semester and I will be a therapist and have more to write about) and had to plan a meal according the needs and abilities of the clients (based on the client descriptions) and write a very detailed activity analysis as a group

-Clients and therapists had to write 2 page reflections on experience

OT Interventions Assignments

-Two Fridays this month were dedicated to attending short classes put on by the second years where they presented an OT intervention such as nerve gliding, transfers, etc.

- A attended lectures on the hip kit, paraffin, adult sensory integration, and biofreeze on week 1 and kinesiotaping, nerve glides, lymphedema management, and basic Spanish on week 2.

-I loved this because they gave us handouts on various interventions --- I love resources!

-Had to give feedback and write a short paper with pros/cons/questions/etc.

Client Case Assignment (aka Peter Assignment)

-We were assigned a group at the beginner of the semester and have been working on a case together ever since. The case is about Peter, a young guy with an incomplete SCI

-Have had various assignments on this case – currently wrapping it up with a paper giving and overview of his occupational performance problems, our models of practice and frames of reference we are using in his case as well as long term goals, short term goals, and treatment activities we will use to reach them

Leadership Write-Up Assignment

-Short paper on our leadership project (my blog is mine)

Mental Health Activity Bag

-Make an activity bag (Ziploc 1 gallon) with 5 activities that can be used to work on 2 different things - to be used with clients in a mental health setting

-Will write more about this when it is complete (after Wednesday this week) and when I have more time – also did a general one first semester that I will write about too

-Love this because again, it’s a great way to collect resources– already have a big green plastic bin that I have been collecting OT stuff in : )

Adaptive Strategies Training and Competency

-Split into groups again to learn adaptive dressing strategies and more in depth training with transfers

-Focused on 1 handed dressing techniques for upper and lower body -upper body - learned button or zip up strategy as well as a strategy for a pull over shirt – lower body – learned 1 handed as well as how to do with a hip replacement

Quizzes, lectures, in-class group work tests, and other things

-Some recent quizzes I remember are ones on stroke and degenerate diseases – need to do another post on just degenerative diseases later as I really enjoyed this lecture series – also did a group case study in class on a degenerative disease

-In the midst of all this OT stuff we still have the very difficult, somewhat time consuming neuroscience class going. I neglect writing about this a lot because it’s mostly just studying for this class, but it is definitely important. I’ve read so many things in my stroke book or other textbooks about TBI etc that I could actually understand thanks to neuro.

- Doing more mental health lectures currently

-Covered the FIM in detail in measure and eval and now doing some peds stuff

-Going to a durable medical equipment place to learn about wheelchairs next week

-Going to a community suicide prevention training class next week - will try to write more on this after

-Going to a mental health facility the following week – will try write more on this too – also have to do another activity analysis assignment after this visit

I hope this random post was informative and helpful in some way. I was more concerned with just getting some info out there than writing with good sentence structure and grammar as you may have noted from the bullet point, lots of dashes, and many parentheses format I used. I would have loved to write in more detail, but I was so overwhelmed while they were going on there was simply no time. I figured a short random crazily written overview was better than nothing at all though. One of the main reasons this was overwhelming is what I wrote about in my post a few weeks ago. Each group assignment is usually with different groups and there are even groups within groups like for the meal prep and adaptive strategies competency. And all of these groups are doing different things on different days. We literally had an additional group schedule printed for things like what days we do adaptive strategies, meal prep, wheelchair store, and mental health facility. We all survived and got the hang of it, but for a good four weeks it was really rough with everything else going on. Things have slowed down as the semester is coming to an end, so hopefully I will have a chance to go back and write about some things I really enjoyed in more detail. That’s one reason I put side notes of what I want to write about in the future… I want my readers to hold me to it! Speaking of readers, I have been getting more and more comments and e-mails, so I wanted to say thank for the support. I am very excited that more people are finding my blog as a useful tool!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

LSUHSC Occupational Therapy Student Experience – Video!!!

I solemnly swear I will write a real post soon, but in the meantime please enjoy this amazing video fellow OT student Kristin D made for our school. She is truly gifted with a camera and I think this video is a great artistic representation of the Nola OT school experience.

Please note that current AOTA president Florence Clark has cameo pic in this video with its creator, OT student Kristin as she is her hero and it was her personal goal to meet her at conference : )

Also please note how awesome I am in the second to last pic of us jumping – I’m second from the left and I totaled channeled my 10 year old dance team moves on instinct when told to jump haha

- PS - I'm not tech savy enough to make the video where you can see it or click it so you'll just have to forgive me and copy/paste - ENJOY!