Sunday, May 20, 2012

First 2 weeks of FW II

Wrote this Thursday and I was so tired I forgot to post it – ha!
I mustered up some mental strength to blog today!  I know I still need to write about conference, but what I really feel like writing about is fieldwork, so I am :  )
As I mentioned in a previous post, I am at the same FW cite I was at for my level I in March.  It is an out-patient, mostly ortho (but some neuro and lymphedema) setting and there are 3 OTs who are all CHTs and absolutely wonderful!   Though they all pitch in and help me/ let me watch them, I have one main CI who is probably the most organized person I have met in my life.  The first day, the very first hour, I was there, she handed me copies of a printed out weekly calendar so that I could schedule my clients.  At the top of each week was a progression of how I would go from observation to a full caseload of 8-10 clients a day.  Week 1 – observe/ help, week 2 – 1-2 clients per day, week 3, 3-4 per day etc etc.  Now in week 2, I am currently taking a lot of new evals so that I can keep these clients as my own all summer while also taking on a few of her clients. 
I have been keeping a notebook, which I find to be very helpful, divided into sections where I can jot down information about different diagnoses I see, goals, notes on how to do evaluations, tips for documentation, goals,  info on modalities, treatments, etc etc.  I found it was especially helpful these first 2 weeks as I was trying to get a handle on how they do things. 
I have one big in-service project to do during my rotation which is 12 weeks long.  I also have to do a case study/ research poster on one client during my rotation that I will use for research class next fall.  Other than that I have no formal homework, which is nice.  I give myself homework, of course, by going home and looking up diagnoses and treatment/interventions for future clients so I can prepare for the following day/days.  What is hard right now is that I can look up a protocol for a diagnosis and get a game plan of what needs to be done, but I am severely lacking knowledge on how to do it – what exercises, activities, treatment/interventions need to be done to accomplish the goals I have set and the progression of treatment I have found.  I recognize that this is the point of fieldwork, and it is only week 2, and I am not supposed to have all the answers, but that is currently my biggest struggle so I wanted to note it.  Luckily, I have a great CI, who I think has a perfect system of progressing students.  For the first few weeks (up until about midterm), she sees all my clients (evals and treatment sessions) with me and said that she will set aside time to discuss my interventions for the day once I start getting more repeat clients and not evals. 
I am far too tired to think creatively enough to share information about specific diagnoses I have seen or experiences I have had with various people without violating HIPPA and being disrespectful to individual privacy.  I will have to think on this at length some other time and decide if it is worth it to try and share in some random, partially made-up way, or if my time would be better spent describing other aspects of this fieldwork experience. 


  1. Thank you for taking time and keeping followers like myself updates. I know you are really busy and tired, but this means a lot to me that you take a bit of your "you time" and share what going on with you in school. I hope I am as good as a student and blogger as you are when I get accepted into the program!!!!!!!! You are truely amazing, you may not realize this, but you are encouraging I really appreciate that!!!!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm glad I came across this blog today. Mustering up the energy to blog isn't easy after a long day of work. It looks like your followers appreciate you though! Looking forward to more updates on your fieldwork.